About Us


Vanessa’s family built their vacation cabin on the borderline of Zion National Park in the mid-1970’s.  As a child, she spent many summers hiking, exploring & enjoying the magical land of Zion.  The area created special memories with family and friends; holding a special place in her heart.   When Vanessa started a family of her own it was no surprise she brought them to the area; sharing the magic of her childhood with her own family.  Hiking familiar trails and discovering new secrets became harder and harder to leave.   Soon she and her husband, Alex, realized each visit was never long enough.  In 2020 it was time to make Zion their home.

Their love & knowledge of the area ensures their guests experience the magic of the Zion area just like a local.  No matter how long or short the stay; everyone is guaranteed a unique experience.  Breathtaking vistas, towering cliffs cast in rainbow patterns, sand in your shoes, canyons that wind on in maze-like patterns… it’s all here.  Waiting to become unforgettable memories.


Served 4 years in the United States Marine Corps. Graduated from Loma Linda University with a B.S. in Emergency Medical Care and graduated with Honors from Moreno Valley College’s Physician Assistant Program. He has spent most of his career working as a PA in the Emergency Department.

Graduated from California State University San Bernardino with a B.A. in Human Development. Received teaching credential from the University of Redlands. Taught public elementary school for over 10 years.

Sebastian 14
Rylee 10
Lilly 9
Willow the dog
Po the monster