Bullion Falls

Bullion Falls is an incredible pop of evergreen trees and rushing blue water in the dry, red desert. The two mile round trip hike features 450 feet of elevation gain. The steep climb helps classify the hike as intermediate. Hikers should allow for about an hour, plus however much time will be spent watching the dramatic cascade.

The waterfall is located near Marysvale, Utah in the Fishlake National Forest. The massive falls spill over a 75 foot drop before crashing into the chilly river below. Late spring and early summer are the best times to visit. Melting winter snow drifts create a larger runoff of water. The falls are open from May to October.

The trail starts off rocky and climbs uphill. The first ⅔ of the trail can be used for ATVs, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for safety. One side of the trail has a steep drop off, but it is wide enough to keep far from the edge. Take it slow over the large rock piles. Good sneakers or strong hiking boots with ankle protection are a smart footwear choice.

Along the climb, hikers will pass an old, well preserved prospector’s cabin. There is also a small stream to cross so don’t be afraid to get your shoes a bit wet. Across the canyon you can spot a more distant waterfall called Cascade Falls. Be sure to stop and look back across the valley. Breathtaking views of the towering pine trees across the vast mountainside make for magnificent photos.

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The closer the trail gets to the falls, the louder the roar of the rushing water grows. Nothing is more relaxing than the soothing sound of a speeding waterfall smashing into its stream. The trail truly transports hikers to another world that feels as if it is a million miles away from civilization.

An overlook provides beautiful views of the falls to the left of the trail. To get the best and closest view of the water, hikers must carefully descend the mountain to the base of the falls. There is no longer much of a trail at this point, so take your time and know your limits. Young children or the elderly may have more of a difficult time. A rope tied to a tree is available to hold onto during the descent.

The base of the falls places hikers right beneath the dramatic waterfall. Here you can get some great close up shots of the water. It is a lovely place to sit and relax if worn out from the climb. After you have had your fair share of the falls, climb back up to the overlook then down the trail the way you came.

The falls are accessible by two wheel drive vehicles and there is a large parking area. ATVs are welcome for over half of the trail as it is part of the Paiute ATV trail. Dogs are allowed as well. Young children may struggle with the steepness, but it is a great option for families with older kids. The brisk mountain air makes it a nice cooler hike in the summer. Bullion Falls is a beautiful change of scenery rich with enchanting evergreens and clear cerulean cascades.

Written by: Lauren Kehoe

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