Bunting Trail

Bunting Trail is famous for its dinosaur tracks perched atop a large boulder halfway through the trail. The trailhead is located at the edge of a residential neighborhood in Kanab, Utah. A paved road accessible by passenger vehicles descends to a small parking area. The trail clocks in at 4 miles roundtrip and about 850 feet of elevation gain.

The sandy path extends from the road, passing a short wooden fence and stretching back into the canyon. It remains relatively flat to start. At about one mile in, an arrow shaped sign with two white footprints on it comes into view. The sign points left, indicating the direction of the dinosaur tracks. The detour takes hikers up a rocky wash before arriving at a small clearing. The tracks are pressed into boulders on the left.

The prints are well defined and about the size of a human head. Round bottoms circle up into three pointed toes. Offering a unique look into the land’s history, the prints can easily jump start imaginations. Kids will love the real life dinosaur footprints. From the trailhead to the dinosaur prints and back is around 2.5 miles, making it a great family friendly hike.

For those looking for a bit more of a workout and some incredible panoramic views, the trail continues past the tracks turnoff and up a steep incline. Breathtaking landscapes of the Grand Staircase National Monument and Vermillion Cliffs surround the trail. Taking breaks along the climb allows for opportunities to capture Kanab’s stoic beauty on camera.

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From here, hikers reach the saddle. A saddle is an area that is high and broad at each end and narrow and lower along the middle. The trail becomes more difficult to navigate from here as it is less defined, but hikers can explore along the ridge in each direction. Be mindful of loose rocks and shrubs in narrow spaces. There are also petroglyphs etched into the rock at the top of the trail. Once done exploring the peak, the trail descends along the same path back to the trailhead.

Dogs are allowed on the trail on or off leash, as well as horses. There is little shade along the way, so be sure to pack lots of water and sunscreen. Morning and evening are the best times to hike this route. Summertime is very hot and sandy, while snow in the winter makes for heavy messy clay. It is a good idea to avoid the trail in the rain due to the clay and the parking area being in a flood zone. Spring and fall are perfect times to hike the area. Bunting is a great option for families and individuals of all fitness levels. With incredible sky high views, dinosaur tracks, and rock art, Bunting Trail truly offers a little something for everyone.

Written by: Lauren Kehoe

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