Glendale’s Pink Cliffs Overlook

Exiting Zion National Park’s East entrance on highway 9 then traveling north on US Highway 89, about 5.5 miles north of Glendale, towering above the signed Bryce-Zion KOA campground stands an eye-catchingly majestic set of towering pink cliffs. Formed in the image Bryce Canyon National Park with its towering hoodoos, Glendale’s Pink Cliffs are worth your prolonged gaze from the highway, or better yet, a safe stop pulled off the road for some photographs. The best spots for this are either turning up the KOA campground road or pulling off the highway as it climbs the hill opposite them. But for those who are prepared to take a journey off the highway there is a way to reach the top, the pinnacle of the mountain.

Off US-Highway 89, 8.8 miles north of Glendale the turnoff for your journey begins on an unmarked road. 37.420869, -112.542450. Make the turn left off of the highway and continue through an always open gate up the rough and rocky road ahead. Less than a mile up the road, you’ll reach the first fork in the road. Keep left as you really begin to climb the mountain. 2.8 miles from the highway stay right at the second fork, continuing straight will take you down a short rough road past an old but functioning wildlife guzzler and out to the end of a ridge with sweeping views. The entirety of these roads off of the highway require a vehicle with both high clearance and 4X4 capabilities. Particular caution should be exercised during and following periods of inclement weather with travel not recommended during the winter. A razor, 4X4, or side by side would be an excellent vehicle for this adventure.

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It is 5.5 miles from the highway to the top on SR 308 as it winds through a scenic mountain forest made up of beautiful Ponderosa Pine forests. If traveled in the early morning or late afternoon hours wildlife is often spotted from the road as well. Nearing the top, one instinctively gets that feeling of the ridge you are traveling beginning to narrow as the horizon through the trees ahead peaks blue sky. The road continues right up to the edge at the cliff’s highest protruding point. Exercise caution in parking and turning your vehicle around. The cliff top parking location is 37.399210, -112.579163.

Step out and gaze down upon the jaw dropping, stunningly vivid pink rock hoodoos below. Notice vehicles traveling along Highway 89 far in the valley far below. Looking back to your right towards the west, Stout Canyon and additional sets of hoodoos paint a marvelous picture. One can even make out some of the matching rock formations in Bryce Canyon National Park in the distance. The view from the top is truly spectacular. An experience which is tough to match. Standing atop these formations, isolated, well off the beaten path and far away from all the crowds, for me feels especially sublime making this destination and adventure one of my highest personal recommendations!