Toquerville Falls

The desert climate is known for its dry, arid weather, typically without any large bodies of water. For the most part these characteristics are true, the landscape primarily boasts long stretches of sand, constant sunshine, and water preserving plants like cacti. Plants and animals that live in the region are accustomed to preserving water, humans included. This makes desert watering holes extra special, especially on a sweltering summer day.

One of the most coveted desert swimming holes is Toquerville Falls. The falls are located in Toqerville near Saint George, Utah. Surrounded by civilization but just hidden enough, it makes for a peaceful getaway. The views are spectacular, with dozens of waterfalls cascading over slick rock and pooling into a sparkling misty basin. The water runs crisp and refreshing, offering an invigorating swimming hole in the scorching triple digits of Southern Utah summertime.

The road to the falls is the greatest challenge of the area. An abundance of rocks and potholes litter the road, causing four wheel-drive vehicles to proceed with caution. ATVs, UTVs, four-wheelers, and side by sides can take on the route more quickly and easily, though should still keep a close eye. The path makes a slow, steep climb, eventually stopping at the edge of the falls. Vehicles without four wheel-drive should not even attempt the drive; four wheel-drive, high clearance vehicles are the way to go. The eleven mile round trip road makes it a far trek to attempt on foot, but doable for avid, prepared hikers. Check the weather as flash flooding can occur in the area and rain may affect road conditions.

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Luckily, as you make it to the edge of the falls and hop out of your vehicle, the hardest part is over. The lack of required hiking makes it an accessible attraction for those of all ages (with an experienced driver and a four wheel-drive vehicle of course). The falls are not monitored, making it necessary to triple check the area and pack out everything that was brought in. We all play a part in keeping things pristine for others to enjoy. The beautiful pools are a hidden treasure amidst the colorful desert landscape. A tall, old fashioned wooden ladder plunges directly vertical into the chilly water below. Swimmers can choose to cannonball into the evergreen abyss or climb softly into the water.

A handful of side trails allow for the adventurous to set up camp for the night. Gazing into the star speckled sky while listening to the rushing, relaxing water nearby creates a unique type of ambiance. The special desert oasis allows you to escape nearby civilization and truly become one with nature.

Written By Lauren Kehoe